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What’s In Your Paintball Gear Bag?

You are all set to go and play a good game of paintball but your buddies laughed at you the last time you played so this time you want to make sure that you have the right stuff in your paintball gear bag. You go into your room and grab you paintball gear bag but it’s empty. You forgot that you gave all of it away after that last humiliating defeat. You run to the store and prepare to shop. You see some cheap paintball gear and you ask the salesclerk about it. The clerk decides to take you through the store and help you pick out the right gear.

Paintball Gear Bag Checklist

You grab a brand new paintball gear bag. You figure if you are spending the money on new gear you might as well get a new paintball gear bag to coordinate. The first thing you need in your paintball gear bag is a gun. You truly can’t play the game correctly without having a gun so you pick out one of the clerk’s recommendations. You then move over to a mask. The clerk compares the size of your paintball gear bag to the mask and helps you pick out one that can fit into the bag while leaving room for the rest of your stuff. You then pick out the right ammo and some extra clips just in case you need them. You move on over to the chest protectors. You remembered that the last time you played you felt like chopped meat the next day and you pick out one that had enough padding but was lightweight enough to move freely.

You also found some interesting magazines that you through into your bag for some light reading whenever you had a moment. The clerk was very helpful and it turned out he played paintball as well so you exchanged numbers just in case you needed an extra person. You continued to go through the store and added as many things to your paintball gear bag that it could hold without breaking the bank and headed back home. You set your paintball gear bag down and made sure that you had everything you needed. You have your mask, gun, body armor, ammo, pads, and extras just in case. It seems like you are all set for a good game or two of paintball but this time you won’t come back feeling like you were hit by a truck.

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