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Tips For Choosing A Camo Paintball Mask

Camouflage – this is the language of the survival games of paintball where the players outwit, outplay, and outlast everyone in order to ultimately win the game.  Skills, your personal dexterity and your expensive markers may secure your victory in the survival game of paintball, but knowing that everyone’s mentality is nothing else but to win the game, it is just clever to have a camo paintball mask.

Professional players will always look into their optimal game performance, and most of them look into how the gears and equipment that they used blend well with the setting that they are in. Black is the most common color many players use, this is in response to the usual terrain where most recreational paintball games are held.  Contrary to popular belief, a camo paintball mask does not have to be an expensive one in order to be functional and useful; there are already many cheap paintball masks available in the market. Here are few of the things that you can keep in mind in order to make sure that you get the most suitable camo paintball mask.

First thing to consider is to make sure that you know where you will be playing at. This means that you can have a set of camouflage that you can just attach and detach depending on the situation and location as well. There are many professional playing fields that copy several settings such as the jungle setting, the desert, a rocky terrain or the savanna areas; in these different places using a camo paintball mask could be an advantage and a disadvantage as well.


The obvious advantage of a camo paintball mask is it hides you well from your opponents, especially when you have a full knowledge of the area where you are in, you can maximize your stealth potentials by knowing exactly where to hide and where to make your moves.  Camo paintball maks, works well when the terrain is a larger area that will permit you to maneuver fast in order to push your assaults in the enemy’s areas.   Disadvantages

Evidently, the disadvantage of using a camo paintball mask is the fact that when it is used in larger areas camouflage will not only hide you from your enemies but will also conceal you from your group thus causing problems with direct communication that might jeopardize the whole operation. Weighing between the disadvantage that this gives you and the advantage that it has, the drawback cited above can be reduced with the right action plan, hence a camo paintball mask is still a good paintball match deal.

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