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The Right Paintball Marker Package For Your Needs

Since the start of the popularity of the paintball game in the early 1980’s, this combat game underwent through various innovations not only to make sure that the game becomes as competitive as it is now, but also to heighten up the level of efficiency that the players nowadays enjoy.

There are several things to keep in mind to assure that and one is to make sure that you have the right paintball marker package that suite your paintball needs. One of the most important aspects in choosing for a paintball marker is the propellant. There are numerous paintball marker packages available and usually these packages are based on the type of propellants these markers have; at present, there are two types of markers offered in the market, one is the carbon dioxide paintball marker package and the other one which is more expensive are the compressed air powered paintball markers.

Carbon Dioxide Paintball Marker Package

Just like all able soldier ready for combat, you should betake close consideration of the type of paintball game you are about to engage to.  To do this you have to reflect on the number of opponents you have, the goal of the game and the terrain where the battle is about to take place. With this vital information, then you can decide on the type of paintball marker package you will be using.  Carbon dioxide powered markers comes in four packages, 9 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz and 24 oz; these packages also correspond to the number of shots you get to use and more importantly, to the weight of the marker that you will be carrying throughout the game.  Therefore, if you are playing in an outdoor terrain with fewer possible opponents, any lower packages, such as dye paintball markers, are advisable (but of course these are not the only considerations that you have to include in your list).

Compressed Air Paintball Marker Package

Paintball is already considered a professional game worldwide and in fact trainings are already available to those who would want to bring this game to a higher level. In most place all over the world, there are already paintball tournaments held in more difficult landscape, with more challenging goals (perhaps capturing a whole battalion of men), and with more abled men as your opponents; often, these games require more shots! Unfortunately, most CO2 tanks are not capable of withstanding such intense games; hence, choosing compressed air paintball marker packages is the perfect deal.  There are package that gives up to 1300 shots (3000 psi tanks) and still others can give off till 2000 shots (4500 psi tanks).

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