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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Paintball Markers

Since the sport of paintball became popular, so are the innovations that came with it. Today a new level of extreme paintball experience is being introduced in this growing sport and one widely accepted change are the overture of “better” paintball guns such as electronic paintball markers, or with the use of highly functional paintball masks. These modifications are usually highly challenged by many traditional paintball players, it is without doubt that the coins have two sides hence there are always disadvantages and advantages in these newer technologies. What we intend to present in this article is a brief overview and comparison between the newly introduced electronic paintball markers and the widely used mechanical semi-automated paintball markers.


Unlike the conventional semi-automatic and mechanical paintball markers, electronic paintball markers are more consistent in their shoots aside from the fact that they fire faster.  Since these electronic paintball markers are smaller than their mechanical paintball marker counterparts, they are handier in the field for easier movements and firing.

Electronic paintball guns use circuit board and a solenoid that controls the firing mechanism of the gun. These electronic markers can be programmed to fit different modes of firing.  Moreover, the solenoids are the ones that control the airflow which is in turn controlled by the programmed circuit board making each fire smooth and incredibly fast. These electronic paintball markers can at the same time operate in lower pressures which means that there is lesser kicks and recoils after the fire.


Like all innovations, there are always disadvantages on the over all performance of electronic paintball markers.  These electronic markers cannot be used in environment that is extremely moist due to their electrical nature which might cause circuit shortcuts when wet. Hence, electronic paintball markers are at disadvantage in harsher outdoor paintball settings. Despite these mentioned disadvantages, there are already companies that manufacture electronic paintball markers with silicon covers to prevent these from happening.

Aside from this, cost for repair is quite high since professionals would be required due to the detailed programs installed in an electronic paintball markers packages; in addition to this, these markers need upgrades to ensure better performances which again would need you to spend more. Since electronic paintball markers solely need compressed air to function which is a lot more expressive than CO2. Lastly, electronic paintball markers would require you to always be careful with the battery source, hence you are advice to always have them charged before any game or bring extras; but who knows when disaster strikes!

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