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Pump Paintball Gun – Awesome Action!

Overactive Imagination

Just mentioning the words that ring in your head regarding pump paintball gun sounds so dangerous and thrilling, like somewhere inside of you the naughty child has arisen and going to battle. All kitted out, coal marks over the cheeks and forehead, helmet and camouflage clothing on, mind set on attack mode, and off to the forest arena you go for victory.

Wishful Thinking

So you are just waiting for the phrase in your mind to roll over your lips “I’ll be back!” as you reload your pump paintball gun. Others who don’t have the same pump paintball gun can only hope that in that paintball marker ball isn’t mini markers like shrapnel in a real shotgun which shatter outwards touching everything in their path.  You reload your pump paintball gun, and pretend to cock it like a real shotgun. “Kaboof!” is the sound you wish to hear, like something heavy hitting the turf. No one goes down, well you opposition does manage to leap out the way and hitting the turf. That was the only dust you saw flying from what you wished for from your pump paintball gun. All you hear is a light “doof” as the pressure is released from the little gas tank to shoot those colorful balls of paint in the direction of your opposition.

You are not impressed with your pump paintball gun anymore as your imagination has surpassed its expectations, and then new rush in your blood would be to get hold of an even better pump paintball gun, maybe in the form of like a small missile launcher or something, just splat the whole area with paint while you can. Even with the imagination going beyond what is currently allowed on the paintball arena having paintball cannons and paintball rocket launchers and paintball grenades to throw is just a wee bit over the top for now as the technology will have to be adapted first of all so that there are no real injuries that follow.

All you are wanting is the perfect paintball gun that matches your “take no prisoners” attitude, not quite the “ratata” type of gun that shoots off way too many markers in a flash like an Uzi does. Something like a marksman would need, with a silencer on the end, silent and stealthy with a laser sight attached to make sure you hit your target if the wind is not blowing too much, but even better would be a marker that was like a heat seeking missile attracted to your opponent, hitting them without fail – awesome stuff!

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