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Playing paintball is a fun activity that can be easily learned by anyone. Even novice who have no prior experience can easily learn how to play paintball in just a matter of minutes. Here are the basic instructions on how to play paintball that you will need to know if you want to play this exciting game.

One of the first steps before playing paintball is establishing the parameters of the game. It is important that the size of your playing field is proportionate to the number of players. Choose the starting bases of each team and make sure that they are not in view of each other. Also, the players must set a dead zone for dead players, choose a game objective like capture the flag or elimination game, and come up with a time limit for the game.

The next procedure in playing paintball is commencing the game. All players start at their respective bases each team calls out to each other to signify that they are ready. Then the first team to call out must shout “game on” to mark the start of the game.

Paint checks are one of the important procedures when playing paintball that can be used if you are unsure if you have been hit. When a player shouts “paint check,” the game pauses and another player closest to that person must check him or her for hits. After verifying the matter, the game resumes with the players returning to their previous positions while the person who called for the paint check must shout “game on”.

If a person is hit, he or she must raise his gun over his or her head and notify the other players by shouting it to them. Then that player must quickly walk off the field to the dead zone while assuming the position and informing new players that they come across with. Once the objective of the game have been achieved by a team, all players on the field must be informed.

There are also safety paintball rules that must be followed by all players at all times and these include wearing masks, no drinking and playing, no blind firing, allowing surrenders, shooting less than 300 feet per second, and using barrel plugs.

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