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Pimp My Gear!

If you have heard of a cable television program called ‘Pimp My Ride’ or if you participate in paintball games then this article is the right one for you.  Anyone who takes pride in something they do for a living or even for fun someday wants to add their own personality to it and those that play paintball aren’t any different.  This article will discuss custom paintball gear for players of all ages.

Customized Paintball Gear

Those that love the fun and excitement of paintball might one day, if they haven’t already, decide to pay for custom paintball gear.  Custom paintball gear can be anything from having your name put on your paintball gun to having a color of ammo that isn’t available to everyone else.  Custom paintball gear can also mean some tailoring is being done to existing gear to make it fit you just like you want it.  When you think of custom paintball gear you might be thinking of flash and dazzle added to your gear but this isn’t the only way to customize it.  You can customize your gear by taking the size in or out a bit just so that it allows you the movement that you want.  You can picture this by imagining a tailor that will customize a suit to fit your size and shape.  Although this is a simple way to obtain custom paintball gear it is probably one of the cheapest ways as well.

Custom paintball gear can get as crazy as having your own face on the back or front of the shirt you wear or it can mean putting your nick name on your gun.  It can also mean having your knee pads or chest protector a different color or adding some spray paint to your helmet.   There are some shops that will customize your gear according to your specifications and they can even suggest some cost effective ways to obtain custom paintball gear.  If you are planning on playing the game for a long time to come then it would not be such a bad idea to have custom paintball gear.  If you are only planning on playing for a short period of time you should research the various options available to you and make sure you want to spend the money to have custom paintball gear.  Casual players should think twice about shelling out the money for customization but if you are playing tournaments and winning money then by all means pimp your gear!

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