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Paintball Tournament

Playing in a paintball tournament is not the same as playing recreational or scenario paintball. They are played by teams of various sizes although most modern day paintball tournaments uses the 3-man, 5-man, and 7-man format, although during the earlier years of the sport, it is common to find a 10-man, 15-man, and 20-man tournaments in wooded fields. Most tournaments nowadays also uses the speedball format since they are practical to setup, easier to officiate, and more viewable to audiences. Here are some of the paintball tournament game formats that are used today.

The most original paintball tournament format and is still being widely used nowadays is capture the flag. It is used in both woodsball and speedball tournaments and is also used by the National Professional Paintball League as well as in other regional leagues like the Xtreme Paintball Sports League and New England Paintball League.

An exciting paintball tournament format that is used by the Paintball Sports Promotions is centerflag. In this type of game, one flag is placed at the center of the field. The objective of this game is to bring the flag to your opponent’s starting station to win the game.

XBall is a relatively new paintball tournament format that was used in the International Amateur Open in 2002. This game uses the centerflag format in multiple rounds until the game time, which is at 50 minutes, runs out. Each flag captured is equal to a point. Only 5 players can play in a game although a team’s roster can reach up to 19 players and each team can substitute players after every point. This format also allows coaches to communicate with the team on the sidelines, unlike in other tournament formats.

Another paintball tournament format that is used nowadays is a modification of XBall which is called XBall Light. This format only ha a game time of 15 minutes long. Games can be won immediately even before the game time expires when a team reaches a set point total of about 5 or 7 points. This paintball tournament format is used by Paintball Sports Promotion and Carolina Field Owners Association.

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