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Paintball Tips

Paintball is both an intense and fun team game that requires a lot of strategy and teamwork to win. Beginners who play for the first time often paintball don’ts that often get them into trouble and cause their team a game. Here are some paintball tips that you can follow when playing paintball to improve your game and make you a more valuable team member.

The most basic paintball tip is to move around and not be a sitting duck in a game, especially if you are not guarding the base. Remember that a steady target is way easier to shoot than a moving target. In this sport you need to move at all times as you can easily be trapped by the opposing team if you remain stationary.

The second paintball tip that you can do before the actual game is surveying the field by walking around it. This will allow you to observe the best spots for cover and take note of the angles that you can use to your team’s advantage.

If you intend to make this game as your regular sport, then a good paintball tip is to get in shape and stay fit especially before games. Paintball is a very physical activity and requires a lot of cardiovascular endurance so that you don’t gasp for air while playing. Also, being fit will allow you to move through the rough terrains more easier and faster.

Another important paintball tip that should be kept in mind by anyone is not to be a hero during games. Paintball is a team sport and individual effort can only get you so far. Collective teamwork wins games so it’s better if you just communicate well with your teammates and formulate a team strategy to win. Plus, being a hero can also cost your team a win so don’t even bother with it.

Lastly, when in a game, always aim first before firing. This is especially important if your intended target is still not aware of your position. Firing a low percentage shot at your target is a reckless move and it will give your position to your opponent and a chance for him/her to react, or worse make a counterattack.

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