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Paintball Teams

Paintball games may vary depending on the format and variation but most paintball teams require at least 3 players on each side for an enjoyable match. In regular games, paintball teams consist of three main positions that have their own roles: front players, mid players, and back players.

The front players or frontmen in a paintball team are the most straightforward position in the game as they experience most of the action. They are usually assigned farthest off the bunkers and their job is to attack or infiltrate the opponents’ base. In a paintball team, the front players do the most of the killing since they are the ones nearest the enemies. Front players also need to be agile and physically fit so that the enemies won’t eliminate them easily. They also require the least amount of paint since they can secure locations that have better shooting angles.

Meanwhile, the mid players are the players that need to be the most flexible in paintball teams. This is because their main role is to replace the spot of key teammates that have been eliminated, most especially front players since they are the ones most exposed. Mid players are assigned in locations between the front and back players. Because of this position they are ideal for covering front players and creating lanes for them so that their teammates can move further. They also need to have an overall awareness of what is happening in that particular game so that they can easily adapt to the circumstances.

Last but not the least position in paintball teams are the back players. As their name implies, they are assigned to the back row of bunkers in the playing field. Back players carry the most amount of firepower since their main role is to create openings for mid and front players as they move. Another important role of them is to defend their team’s base most especially in particular paintball variations such as capture the flag or king of the hill wherein the winning condition requires teams to defend or capture bases, objects or people.

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