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Paintball Safety

Other people have reservations about playing paintball because they think that such game can cause a lot of pain or injury. However, the fact is that most paintball fields implement certain paintball safety rules and procedures that minimizes the risks of harm while allowing for a fun and enjoyable game. Here are some of these paintball safety rules and procedures that must followed when playing paintball to ensure the safety of all players.

One of the most important paintball safety rules implemented is the wearing of mask at all times. The mask protects the players face from being hit by a paintball so as not to cause serious injury. Players must not even remove their masks when they are in the dead zone or even when they are informed that a particular game is already over.

The second paintball safety rule is that all players must not be under influence of alcohol, drugs, or medications. This is important because the game must stay clean and safe at all times and people under the influence of these psychoactive substances are not in any way fit to think clearly or act appropriately.

Another paintball safety procedure that most new players seem to disregard is the prohibition of blind firing. Players must never shoot at what they cannot see as they can accidentally hit, or worse injure, leaving players, the referee, and other things that must not be shot.

The use of barrel plugs is an important paintball safety measure that must be practiced at all times. Barrel plugs must be plugged in the guns whenever players are not wearing masks in order to prevent accidental firings. The only time that a player should remove his or her barrel plugs is when everyone has already worn their masks.

Most fields also set the velocities of their gun under 300 feet per second. Paintball guns are timed with a paintball chronograph that are available in specialty shops. It is because anything faster than that can cause severe harm and injury such as welts or a broken skin.

Paintball is an extremely fun game that has risks that can be minimized by just following these simple safety procedures.

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