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Paintball Rules

When playing paintball, there are certain rules that must be followed by all players. These paintball rules are strictly enforced by the referees in the game. These referees patrol the playing field to make certain that these rules are being implemented at all times. They also call out players who have already been shot and been marked with paint, so that they go to the dead zone and not interfere with the ongoing game. Here are some of the paintball rules that are always carried out during games.

The first and foremost of the paintball rules is that masks must always be worn at all times especially when the players are at the playing area. The only time that masks can be removed is when all have their markers’ barrels blocked or when it is disconnected from their gas source. This is to ensure the safety of all players at all times because an accidental firing can take place which can lead to a serious head injury.

Another one of the paintball rules is that may change from venue to venue is the minimum distance rule wherein players cannot shoot their opponent when they are within a closer distance than this minimum range which is usually at 15 feet. A modified version of this paintball rule is the surrender rule wherein a player can offer a chance to surrender to his or her opponent when he or she closes within the minimum distance. These rules are implemented to prevent unnecessary harm or injury when playing the game.

Players are not also allowed to overshoot or repeatedly tag a player who are already dead or has just been eliminated from the game. This is one of the important paintball rules because some players can get carried away during a game and cause dangerous injuries to another person.

Also, some players attempt to cheat in a game by wiping the paint off themselves and act as if they have not been shot when they are tagged. Some people do it on purpose just so that they can stay in the game and continue on playing. This is certainly illegal within games to ensure fairness.

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