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Paintball Gun Review – Literally Every “Man” For Themselves

Boys And Their Toys

Paintball is not for the shy and timid. The pain of being shot at is real and can leave many bruises on the body where there is insufficient protection. Helmets are luckily the best piece of protection you can possibly have for your head and face, just a pity you can’t go looking like Robocop around in the bush playing paintball, as you would be way too slow with all that protection. Besides that it defeats the object of being able to inflict some pain to friends and relatives and having a good time at once.

Insistent About Choice

If you have by any chance had a chance to play paintball, you would know and soon find that everyone is for himself or herself when it comes to the topic of a paintball gun review. Some people insist in the paintball gun review that their weapon of choice has to be able to carry over fifty paintballs in it, others comment that the larger the air pressure can is, the longer they can fight when it comes to the paintball gun review.

Although a lot of people who have read the paintball gun review may even think to themselves the bigger the better, but for others bigger is not better and could be heavier and therefore slow you down. In some cases arguments on a paintball gun review will be about whether the trigger squeeze action is better than the pump paintball gun, like a shotgun which requires pump action to reload it, how many shots can be fired off per minute and how accurate?

Yes, it could be like you are going to just blast someone out of their socks when you pump the gun, but after all that realistic effects, and way too much adrenalin chasing through your veins all that is to see is the paint splatter where it finally hit.

Pain Or Paint

In most cases when playing paintball on the once off occasion you will be supplied with overalls, not quite what you would expect to wear for protection of pain, but merely protection of paint. We have heard of trigger action rifles and pump action paintball guns, we could only imagine what kind of damage and or splatter could come from a paintball bazooka, there is going to be a lot of mess, with a lot of pain. What about a paintball Gatling gun? Awesome! Just tuck behind your so-called tank, and let it go wild, just hope you got enough money to throw away so many balls that may miss on one round.

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