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Paintball Gun Buying Tips

Paintball is a fascinating hobby and as such attract large numbers of people to this sport. To start out in paintball you will have to make a solid investment, as you cannot participate without a paintball gun. Before you go into this sport you need to do proper research to see what you are going to need as it can become expensive. First of all you should make a list of the features you want, so from there you can have a look at which paintball guns offer that and what the price range is. When starting out in this sport it is always a good thing to get a paintball gun that is reliable and dependable.

This does not automatically mean you have to buy the most expensive. It is a good idea to speak to friends that do paintballing and get their input. It would be great if you can to a paintball range and practice with a paintball gun to get a feel of things. Visit and join a one or two paintball forums as this is where you get great information and advice from experienced players. Once you have narrowed down your options to a few brands you like, you must read a few reviews on each of the paintball guns you like. This means not only manufacturer reviews, but also the reviews of customers and those who have actually used the specific paintball gun under review.

The Basics

When you start out in paintballing and have not bought any gear, it is worthwhile to think about getting a paintball gun package. This is a much more cost effective option that it would be to buy all your gear separately. You can get starter kits that are all inclusive for necessities as well as a paintball gun. It works out cheaper to own your paintball gun than renting one each time you go paintballing. It is good to know the basic components of a paintball gun before you purchase one.

The gun consists of a hopper, barrel and tank and never forget that the larger the tanks and loader, the heavier the gun will be. Knowing the basics is good for buying a cleaning kit and for when you want to upgrade your paintball gun. Always make sure that the paintball gun you finally choose has easy access to the interior parts, otherwise it will be difficult to clean and lubricate the gun. The best places to shop for all paintball gear and guns are websites that specialize in both new and used paintball equipment.

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