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Paintball is a game that uses a lot of equipment. These paintball gears ensures that the game is enjoyable while minimizing the risks of injury or harm. Here are the most common paintball gears that are used for that sport.

The most important paintball gear in this game is the marker which is commonly known as a paintball gun. They are powered by the expansion of gas that is stored in a compressed bottle which allows them to expel paintballs at a high velocity. The commonly used compressed gas for paintballs are carbon dioxide, High Pressure Air (HPA) or nitrogen, and propane. Also, most paintball fields enforce a strict rule that allows only markers that have muzzle velocity of 300 feet per second or less to ensure the safety of all players.

The second most important paintball gear of course are the paintballs themselves. They are gelatin capsules that consist of polyethylene glycol, non-toxic and water-soluble substances, and dye. Most paintball nowadays are conveniently easy to wash off the clothes. There are also reusable paintballs that can be purchased which is called a Reball.

Paintball masks is an important paintball gear that protects the player’s eyes, mouth, ears, and nostrils. There are also double-layered or thermal masks that significantly reduces fogging in the masks. There are also masks that even have electric fans that reduces humidity and keep the lens dry. Paintball masks are made of Polycarbonate and have anti-scratch coatings.

The clothing used for this sport can vary depending on the type of game that is being played. Most players wear army surplus military fatigues to simulate combat warfare and to blend in with the environment as well. However in speedball this is impractical as the size of the playing field is small so players just wear a brightly colored team uniform. In scenario games, players dress themselves according to the character that they are portraying. It is also common for paintball players to wear extra layers of clothing to help reduce the sting of paintball hits. Padding for the elbows and knees can also be used to help in navigating the rough terrain of the field.

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