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Most paintball games are played outdoors since the game was originally intended to simulate the excitement that is experienced in animal hunting. Outdoor paintball fields nowadays vary in structures and sizes. There are large outdoor paintball fields that are most suitable for woodsball type of games. There are also outdoor paintball fields that are just on an enclosed, fenced space and has various types of bunkers which is great for a speedball format. However, no matter how big or small the paintball field is, what matters is that outdoor paintball offers an unbeatable natural terrain that cannot be simulated with an indoor paintball venue.

The terrain of outdoor paintball simulates real combat situations well that even the military uses it as a form of training. Moreover, in outdoor paintball, the terrain is drastically affected by various weather conditions. You will really feel the heat during sunny days, or the footing will become slippery and muddy when it rains, or your vision will be impaired when it is foggy, thus making each game more exciting and realistic. One of its downside is that you cannot play when it is snowing heavily or there are heavy rains. Another disadvantage is that most outdoor paintball fields do not allow night games because it can be very dangerous for players, unlike in an indoor paintball facility.

Outdoor paintball is also best for scenario paintballs that requires a large space. These types of games often involve a lot of players and last for days, wherein they re-enact a certain theme such as a historical event. These kinds of games sometimes even involve improvised in-game tanks so an outdoor field is really required.

Some outdoor paintball fields use various objects as bunkers like oil drums, plywoods, wheels, conduits and other similar objects which players utilize throughout a game. However these type of bunkers are very hard, can cause injuries to players especially during fast-paced games, and is hard to modify once already setup. Therefore some outdoor paintball fields use inflatable bunkers which are also used in indoor paintball fields. These types of bunkers are also great for speedball tournaments since they are quite easy to establish and reconfigure.

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