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Obtaining the Right Paintball Gear

When you begin your adventure into the fun world of playing paintball it is important to have the right paintball gear.  Sure it would be ok to go into a paintball game with little or no paintball gear at all but when you come out looking like you were in a fight, you might change your mind.

What Paintball Gear Do I Need?

Determining the right paintball gear is left up to your experience, cash flow, and how often you want to play.  If you are only going to play the game every now and again, it might be a good idea to only get some basic paintball gear.  This is normally a mask and gun with ammo.  The mask you get should be something comfortable and it might remind you of the masks worn by a SWAT team but it is an extremely important piece of equipment to protect your face.  The last thing you want is for a paintball to hit you square in the eye.  The basic paintball gear will allow you to play the game but not be completely protected from bruising but if you play often or even in a tournament you might want to look into paintball protective gear.  This type of gear would not only include the mask and gun with ammo but will also contain knee pads, a protective chest plate, and even some elbow pads.

I have seen people dress up in full paintball gear and they looked as if they were being deployed into a war.  Most men that play also wear a cup similar to those worn in baseball or football as part of their paintball gear.  There are some stores that have pre packed paintball gear that is usually at a discounted rate and they usually contain everything you need and even some extra ammo.  The type of gun you can choose can vary but it would depend on the type of tournament you are entering or the rules of the location where you will be playing.  Some of them only allow certain types of guns due to the various impacts of the shot so it would be in your best interest to check with the facility before buying your paintball gear.

It is also important to remember that paintball gear should be used in the course of playing the game of paintball and should not be used as a weapon to scare anyone or as toy.  This can lead to dangerous situations and should be used with caution.

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