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Innovations of Dye Paintball Markers

In the early 1980’s, when the first paintball game was first played, the sole purpose of the game was to subdue all members of the opposing team. Now, after more that two decades paintball games have reached the professional levels where teams are constantly changing their plays and game plan to assure victory! Advancements in the way the game was played as well as the roles include the use of the popular dye paintball markers. There are several types of dye markers after many years of studies and improvement recommendations.

Mechanical Dye Paintball Markers

These paintball markers use a blowback design with a poppet or pin valve. These types of dye paintball markers have the stacked tubes designs where the valve and the hammer are found in the lower portion while the rest of the bolt is found on upper portion (although several manufactures have managed to contain them in a single tube).

In these dye paintball markers, the hammer is actually found at the back position and when the trigger is pulled the hammer is thus propelled forth by the spring going right into the valve. When the hammer is already inside the valve then the compressed air is released which goes up to the bolt and thus fires the paintball; after the paintball is released the hammer is returned to its original position at the back hence this type of dye paintball marker is called blowback.

Electropneumatic Dye Paintball Markers

Mechanical dye paintball markers uses the compressed air in the valve to fire paintballs, but electropneumatic paintball markers kits directs air into different locations inside the body of the marker in order to fire the paintball. The two types of these electro markers are the poppet-valve-type which is almost similar in mechanism as the mechanical blowback markers and the other type are those with spool valves. In spool valves, the air is contained in several chambers found at the front and at the back of the paintball marker and when the trigger is pulled they are the same air that fires the paintball – this spool valve design does not need stacked valves, making this type of dye paintball markers more compact. The disadvantages of this type of valve are the possible shears that occurs after every shot making them less durable and not gas-efficient as well. Yet, spool-valved dye paintball markers only need lesser pressure for them to fire hence the player experiences little recoil and most off all firing them will only make less noise.

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