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Indoor Paintball

Paintball puritans strongly disagree to playing indoor paintball because it takes away the essence out of the game but this form of paintball is increasingly starting to become popular due to the advantages it offers over its more original, outdoor counterpart. Indoor paintball is played within an enclosed facility that typically uses carpets and bunkers to simulate the outdoor experience. Although the playing field in indoor paintball is generally much smaller than outdoor paintball, there are a lot of things that can be done with this type of field which makes it versatile and flexible.

First of all, with indoor paintball you can play at any time of the day, even during the night. Sure, some outdoor paintball fields can facilitate night games but the lighting in such fields can never match the lighting in an indoor paintball field. With indoor paintball you can have safer night games because of the good visibility that it offers. So if you are looking for a quick paintball fix during a weekday with your friends, you can do so with indoor paintball.

Indoor paintball also extends your playing season since it allows you to play during unfavorable weather conditions. Indoor paintball fields offer climate control so you can still play your favorite game even when it is raining, snowing, or muddy outside. You can also play paintball when the sun is too hot and can cause sunburn or heat strokes. Indoor paintball fields also provide better amenities like shower rooms, wi-fi, good sound system and many more.

While indoor paintball fields have limited space, this makes them ideal for speedball and rec-games. Such games are easier to facilitate in this type of field because it is more viewable and various conditions can be controlled. Because of this, indoor paintball is also recommended for small scenario games because the field is easier to setup.

Another great advantage of an playing indoor paintball is that it is more convenient to tie up a paintball game with a social event such as a party. This is because most indoor playing fields offers function rooms that are well-suited for such events like birthday parties, team-building, Christmas parties, and many more.

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