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Few Considerations For Custom Paintball Masks

A reliable paintball mask is part of a winning strategy in any paintball game as they allow you to see the enemy clearly and at the same time can make sure that you are in the top line of your game. The paintball masks available in the market today are under specific size categories wherein your type and style may unfortunately not fit in. Yet, if they do fit in, you might be pressed with minute “comfort” issues that may prove to be a disadvantage to your future games. Hence, in order to avoid these issues, the best way is to get your self a custom paintball mask.

There are many considerations that you have to look into once you decide to have a custom paintball mask, but a lot of paintball stores now are offering various customizations such as the dye paintball masks.  You can easily add extra stuffs to it after, but here is a list that you must include in your customized gear.

Considering between maximum protection and maximum bounce

Being a combat game, one often gives weight to the maximum protection your gear can give you in preferring for a custom paintball mask, but if one will examine the nature of any paintball combat, it is also wise to look into the maximum bounce of the mask.  With a solid mask that may give you absolute head protection, the paintball will break and will of course cause you to be out of the game.  In contrast to a custom paintball mask that bounces off these paintballs (not breaking them), the tendency is it might save you from the game but the impact it gives is something that you have to endure as part of the trade offs.    Maximum set-up that will enable you to speak and hear well.

Like any other game of the mind and the body that involves tactical communications with the other members of the team, gear that will give you comfort and at the same time will allow you to communicate rapidly and clearly are always part of the requirement. The best way to assure these essentials is to have a custom paintball mask.  The advantage when you have customized gear is the fact that you’ll get the chance to adjust these functions thoroughly and to make them work to the utmost of your needs; examples of these are accessories that maximize voice and sound recognition as well as attachments that increase input and output volume; these are just few of the details that take full advantage of the usability of a custom paintball mask, making them more functional in the field.

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