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Few Compromises For A Cheap Paintball Mask

Since the game of paintball started in 1981, the game became so popular all over the world at an incredible speed. Going back to its history, just months after the very first paintball game was played it only took months for the paintball gear manufacturers to earn profit selling game equipment.  Even though most of the game equipment is still expensive for the marginal public, there are few things that can be met at a compromise to budget without disregards to the durability and usability – and one of them is a cheap paintball mask.

A cheap paintball mask must see to it that it still provides the basic use of a paintball mask such as ease in communication, thorough head protection and it must allow you to see well and at the same time move your head in a comfortable fashion. Expensive masks offer more than just the basic paintball mask requirements like thermal lenses for fog not to accumulate – but if you are playing in hotter weather conditions then there is less need for this or perhaps you can get the cheaper paintball mask fan. It is but unfortunate to note that most cheap paintball masks found in the market today may not meet the basic prerequisites mentioned above.  Since game protocols would always put safety at the top of the list, here are things to think about when you plan to buy a cheap paintball mask.


Never ignore the durability of the paintball masks, for they separate your head from the paintballs that fires at deadly speed against your bare head. Some cheap paintball mask made from non-resilient materials, may withstand a couple of hits and will acquire unnoticed cracks that will cause it to break with only lesser impacts in the near future.  These sudden breaks might unfortunately happen in the middle of an unconcluded game and will cause you more harm than help.


Comfort is another issue that must not be compromised for the sake of a cheap paintball mask. Paintball mask comfort will allow you to navigate easily in the battlefield which is an essential function in the game – if you opted for a cheaper one but will risk you performance in the game and might cause you to loss will defeat the whole purpose of the game itself. The player must make sure that the gear that covers the head must also able him to move the head with no trouble when required.


Equally important with protection and comfort is the usability of the gear in terms of communication, usually it is just enough for non-professional paintball games that the cheap paintball mask allows them to talk and shout to their mates in the field and at the same time permits them to see the locations of their enemy clearly.

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