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Feel The Energy: Electronic Paintball Hopper

An exciting sport that combines competition with fun and the marksmanship of a gun is the sport of paintball. In particular, this sport utilize a paintball gun that propels ammunition. This ammunition is a gooey-like substance or paint in different colors. The outward casing of the ammunition is easily breakable and therefore upon impact the opposing player or target is sprayed with the contents of the paintball ammunition.

In addition, there are variations of playing this game. One of those variations is through the use of teams where one team shoots at the other team and disables their players when that individual has been shot with a paintball. Generally, the object of this game is to capture a particular object or standard that signifies, with this capture, the winner of the game.

In addition, there are basically two types of paintball guns. Specifically, those two types of guns are a mechanical gun and an electronic gun. Therefore, if considering an electronic gun, the individual will also need to consider the use of an electronic hopper.

Subsequently, it is important to know what an electronic paintball hopper is and what the advantages of using an electronic paintball hopper are.

What Is Electronic Paintball Hopper?

First of all, when talking about a paintball hopper, it is important to know what this device is in conjunction with a paintball gun. Therefore, a paintball hopper is the device that sits on top of the paintball gun and holds the paintball ammunition. In other words it acts as a storage receptacle.

Additionally, there are two types of paintball hoppers. One of those types of paintball hoppers is a mechanical hopper. This type of paintball hopper utilizes gravity to load the chamber with the paintball ammunition and works in conjunction with the pulling of the trigger.

The other type of paintball hopper is an electronic paintball hopper and the paintball ammunition is sped into the paintball chamber through the use of electronic means. Specifically, the ammunition arrives in the chamber as the trigger stimulates the built in circuit board.

Advantages Of Using An Electronic Paintball Hopper

If considering the use of an electronic paintball hopper and paintball gun it is important to realize that there are significant advantages associated with this type of investment. Some of those advantages include the fact that with an electronic paintball hopper, the speed at which the gun can fire is increased dramatically.

In addition, because there are no mechanics involved, the entire electronic paintball hopper and paintball gun are considerably lighter. Additionally, the paintball user will find that with electronic paintball hopper, there are less jams and therefore more consistent shooting available for the individual using this type of paintball gun.

Also, it is important to know that there are many manufacturers of electronic paintball hopper’s. Specifically some of those manufacturers of these types of paintball hoppers could include the Viewover paintball hopper, Kingman hoppers, Empire hoppers, Ricochet hoppers, etc.

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