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Extreme Paintball

Paintball is considered by many people to be an extreme sport because of the inherent risks associated with being shot at using gun-like devices. Some games such as the Woodsball and scenario paintball even utilize the natural outdoor terrains to simulate a real combat experience. Therefore most paintball playing fields has adopted this “extreme” label in branding their facilities to market themselves to those people who are looking for that adrenaline rush. Here are some of these extreme paintball facilities.

Highway 77 Extreme Paintball is a paintball facility located in Southport, Florida. It is a large 13 acres of paintball terrain that has 4 fields. It used to be a zoo so you can find old zoo structures in the field which provides an exciting and unique paintball experience. Highway 77 Extreme Paintball implements a field paint only rule so you cannot bring your own paintballs. Aside from paintball, you can also play airsoft in their playing fields.

Another extreme paintball facility is the LA Extreme Paintball which is in Slidell, Los Angeles. It is also another field-paint-only facility, to ensure the safety of players. They are also open to walk-on play so you don’t have to form a group in order to play paintball there.

Meanwhile the Rebel Extreme Paintball is a playing field in Leicestershire, UK. It is an 80-acre field woodland that is created in the 1990. This paintball venue offers over 20 game scenarios which include fuel depot, three kings, crossover, ravine run, and rebel revenge. They also feature the latest paintball equipments for a better experience and you can even book their venue online at the comfort of your own home.

If you are in Central New York and looking for some paintball action, check out TNT Extreme Paintball. They offer special playing fields for woodsball and speedball type of paintball games. They also rent the place for special social events like birthday parties, bachelor parties, pickup games, company outings and many more.

All in all, while paintball is largely considered by many to be an extreme sport, the risks of players harming themselves are actually very low compared to other contact sports because the modern equipment and the rules implemented in most playing venues make it very safe while nevertheless enjoyable for its players.

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