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Difference Between A Pro Paintball Store And An Ordinary Paintball Store

Paintball is a fun and strategic based game that can be played by almost anyone interested in learning. The game consists of two opposing teams shooting paint pellets that are propelled out of gas compressed canisters. The gases may either be carbon dioxide, HPA or Nitrogen. Some people play this game just for fun but some people take it seriously and have become professionals at the sport, hence the need for a pro paintball store to cater for these enthusiasts. A pro paintball store stocks up with top of the range equipment whose price difference to that of a beginners gear is quite significant.

The best thing to do for up comers of the sport is to invest gear that is not too cheap because quality most of the time equals experience. If they are shopping at an established pro paintball store, they should expect some price differences. The helmet is very essential accessory in paintball. A top of the line mask at a pro paintball store would cost about $115 with the cheapest usually selling for about $15. Of course the most important accessory of the paint ball sport would be the gun also appropriately called a marker, and a pro paintball store would sell them in prices ranging from as low as $30 all the way up to $2000. However, there are quite a few decently priced paintball guns with in between price ranges.

Pricing Of Standard Equipment In Pro Paintball Stores

A paintball hopper is another device sold by an established pro paintball store. Paintball hoppers come in various sizes and their prices vary greatly. The hopper stores the ammunition or paint balls and their price varies depending on the feed system of the devices so it would also depend on the preference of the individual as to what type of feed mechanism he or she wants. The paintballs, which would be the actual ammo shot out of the gun, are more or less of standard size and colors. The basic size that a paintball measures is about 0.689 inches in diameter.

The price of the paintballs should generally be standard across the board even in a pro paintball store. Interestingly enough, paintballs come in virtually all colors except for red. Lastly, the air supply would be required to propel the paintballs at opponents effectively. Since there are not that many choices to pick from aside from carbon dioxide and nitrogen, a pro paintball store would most likely have the same stock as any other store. Therefore, what one should more or less be thinking is whether or not they want to buy the air supply from the pro paintball store (which might be more expensive) or from an ordinary shop.

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