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Considering The Paintball Hopper

One of the exciting sports that combines athleticism, strategy, competition, fun and the use of a simulated weapon is the game of paintball.  Specifically, paintball is the use of a paintball gun that propels ammunition at opponents.   The ammunition used is round balls filled with paint or a gooey-like substance.  Once the paintball is shot from the paintball gun and it hits another object the egg-like covering containing the colored substance bursts and the object that is hit by the paintball is sprayed with the colored substance.

In addition, there are many variations to playing paint ball.  Two of those variations include playing one on one and team play.  Additionally, the game of paintball is competitive and the winning individual or team has bragging rights as they compete for some object.

Therefore, if considering taking up the sport of paintball, an individual may want to invest in their own equipment.  One of those pieces of equipment that is critical to the game of paintball is the hopper.  Subsequently, it is important to know what the paintball hopper is and what some features to look for when shopping for a paintball hopper are.

What Is a Paintball Hopper?

A paintball hopper is a large reservoir that is affixed on top of paintball gun.  The paintball hopper holds paintball ammunition.

In addition, the hopper can be either mechanical in nature and utilizes gravity that moves the paintball into the chamber or can be electronic.  The electronic paintball hopper utilizes electric energy that is normally provided through the use of a battery and moves in concert with the electric paintball gun through a built in circuit board and the squeeze of the trigger.

Features Of A Paintball Hopper

Additionally, before the selection of a hopper, it is important to take into consideration a number of variables that are built into the paintball hopper.  Specifically, the individual will want to know at what speed the paintball ammunition feeds into the paintball gun chamber.

In addition, it is important that the paintball gun owner buy a paintball hopper that matches their style of play.  Therefore, an important consideration is the capacity of the hopper.

Another important consideration to keep in mind is the ease of use of the available unit and any reviews that indicate that the hopper has a tendency to jam.

Therefore, it is important to conduct various reviews to find the best paintball hopper based on a number of factors.  Some of those variables may include the cost, reviews by customers, the credibility of the company that manufactures the paintball hopper, etc.

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