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Before You Pull The Trigger: Viewloader Paintball Hopper

If an individual has decided to take up the sport of paintball, they will find that they are afforded a number of choices.  Some of those choices, when it comes to equipment to purchase, include whether they want to buy a mechanical paintball gun or an electronic paintball gun.  The main difference between the two types of guns is the way that the paintball gun fires.

Also, another consideration is what manufacturer to consider when purchasing paintball gun.  Some of those manufacturers include Spyder, Kingman, Extreme Range and Empire.  One other well-known manufacturing name in the world of paint ball equipment is Viewloader.

Therefore, if considering the purchase of a Viewloader paintball hopper, it is important to know what a paintball hopper is and more about the Viewloader manufacturing company.

What Is A Paintball Hopper?

An important part of the paintball gun system is the paintball hopper.  This product is an ammunition storage unit reservoir that mounts on the top of a paintball gun.  The additional purpose of a paintball hopper is not only to store the paintballs, but to allow for the feeding of the ammunition into the paintball gun’s chamber as the mechanism is activated.

Additionally, there are two types of paintball hoppers available on the market.  Those two types of hoppers are the mechanical hopper and electronic hopper.

Specifically, the mechanical hopper is a bit more bulky and the process of moving the ammunition into the chamber is through gravitational means when the trigger is pulled.  Generally this type of hopper is a little bit clumsier and is subject to misfires and jamming.

Whereas the electronic paintball hopper is activated as the trigger is pulled.  This in turn sends a signal to the built-in circuit board and speeds the ammo to the chamber of the gun. This process not only alleviates jams but allows for more rapid firing of the paintball ammunition.  This particular type of paintball hopper utilizes energy through the use of  battery power and, of course, works in concert with electronic paintball gun.

Additionally, there are many accessories that an individual can purchase to accessorize their paintball gun system.  One of those accessories is a paintball hopper cover which can encase the reservoir and help the individual with their competitive needs.  Specifically one of those paint ball hopper covers could be in the style of camouflage which helps the individual to blend in with the outdoor surroundings during competition against other paintball teams.

Researching The Viewloader Paintball Hopper

In addition, it is important to note that there are a variety of choices and manufacturers of paintball hoppers.  One of those manufacturers of this storage for paintball ammo is the Viewloader paintball hopper.

Specifically, the claim to fame for Viewloader is that this particular manufacturer of Viewloader paintball hoppers is the leading manufacturer of paintball guns and various accessories.  However, as with all claims from various manufacturing companies it is important to investigate those particular claims of excellence.

Therefore, one of the more powerful ways of investigating a company’s commitment to service and their claims of providing quality merchandise is to search online.  This can be simply accomplished by utilizing a search engine and typing in keywords such as Viewloader paintball hopper, Viewloader customer service, review of Viewloader paintball products, etc.  Generally this type of search will return many websites of which many may contain particular reviews submitted by customers who have purchased these products.

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