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Advisable Types of Paintball Masks and Lenses

The paintball game is definitely one of the world’s fastest growing combat games, undeniably more popular than the usual computer games. It does not only removes stress from the players but this games is the perfect ground for the exercise of sharp skills and the development of incredible dexterity applicable in the real world battle, no wonder paintball creators called their first paintball games as “Survival”.

Aside from a very fine paintball marker, an excellent paintball player must know that a reliable paintball mask is a player’s best friend in the field.  Most avid paintball fans consider a paintball mask as the most important part of the whole gear; to put it easily, if you can  see then you can not shoot, if you can not shoot, then it is a sure loss.  Since there are many concerns in opting for a fine paintball mask, it is advisable to go for a custom paintball mask, this ultimately assures comfort based on your own taste and needs.

Paintball masks with “thermal lens”

On top of everything else, buying a paintball mask that suits your face contour is a given; it unquestionably provides the comfort that you would require throughout the game.  A good way to assure this is to try it a few times at room temperature and give attention to places like the areas near the eyes and around the mandible. One consideration that a player must take note is to buy paintball masks with “thermal lenses”, these lenses with offer you extra advantage by keeping the accumulations of fog in the lenses.  This fogging occurs more often in hotter places where sweat the cooler air around produces more fog.

Paintball masks with “easy-to-replace” lenses

The moment that a paintball hits the lens of your mask which happens not only when you get hit but also by some marker malfunctions, it is an advantage that you are able to replace them easily.  Therefore it is wise that you choose a mask with lenses that you can quickly remove and snap extra lenses easily.  As innovations for paintball war games evolved, then so are the accessories that provides extra comfort for the player; currently, there are manufacturers that offer colored lenses fit for different weather conditions. Once you decide to customized your paintball mask, it follows that customized lenses is the next best option, these lenses are perfect for varied terrain type such as a model of a jungle environment, a desert terrain, or the usual rocky settings.  With the use of a reliable paintball masks with lenses that can be easily replaced, then combat in these diverse backgrounds can become more relaxing and rest assured, you are in the top condition.

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