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A Quick Look Into The Different Paintball Marker Propellants

Paintball is one of the most popular combat games where the competing teams win by eliminating the members of the opposing team, which is done by hitting them with pellets filled with paint. Players who participate in this game consider winning more than just a victorious treat but also a superb way to release stress due to the adrenaline rush that it brings. But winning a paintball game requires more than just skills and endurance; having the right equipment is a must.

So, what is a paintball game without a paintball marker? The guns used in most paintball games are commonly referred to as paintball markers. When paintball was first played in 1981, the very first guns used were powered by propane cans as propellants. Propellants are very important aspects in choosing for the right marker that is perfect for your needs as they may dictate how the game concludes especially in those lengthy games most professionals paintball players do. Nowadays, the most widely used propellants operate using CO2 (carbon dioxide) and the most popular is compressed air propellants. Here are brief descriptions of the two:

CO2 Propellants

The are paintball markers that use carbon dioxide are usually packaged in 9 oz, in 16 oz, in 20 oz and the largest of the packages is 24 oz. Depending on how efficient the paintball marker that one uses, it is estimated that the 24 oz paintball marker package can provide of a minimum of 800 shots up to 1100 shots. The dangers with using a CO2 powered paintball marker are its dangerous (but generally not deadly) malfunctions; especially when used in temperatures lower than 10 degrees Celsius or about 50 Fahrenheit.

Compressed Air Propellants

Compressed air powered paintball markers are considered to be of higher quality compared to CO2 powered markers since it is more expensive in manufacturing them. Aside from that, compressed air tanks are in less danger of possible malfunctions since they work well in a broader temperature range, sue to their compressed nature. These compressed air tanks are packaged in 3000 and 4500 psi with a wider volume range of 45 ci to 88 ci; depending on the quality of the paintball markers used, these paintball packages can provide 500 up to 1300 shots and 1000 to 2000 shots respectively. Through recent innovations, most of these compressed air tanks use constant pressure output which keeps them more consistent and accurate in actions, thus making them more expensive.

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