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A Paintball Mask Fan to Crack the Fog Problem Away

The most important sense in your paintball game is irrefutably the sense of sight and any one might agree that somewhere while in the middle of the game’s intensity, suddenly the paintball mask starts to fog and the next thing you know, was being hit by the adversary. Maintaining a clear view while in the game can be best resolve by preventing fog from forming in  the lens – and having a paintball mask fan might just be the solution to this.

There are several options that a player can go for in order to prevent fog from forming in the lens of the mask and one very important thing professional players do not miss is having thermal lenses. But what if you simply want to play the game for recreational purposes and do not have enough budget to get those expensive head gear – then perhaps getting a paintball mask fan is best.

Making A Simple Paintball Mask Fan

If you are out of budget but would still want to get the best put of everything you can find at home and at the local stores then go for a paintball mask fan. All you would need is a good deal of light weight fans which you can snatch from various paintball stores, computer shops and other electronic stores as well; you would also need some wire, a small switch, some bread ties and tough electrical tape.

To make a successful paintball mask fan, it is necessary that you take thorough measurements of the inside of your mask; this will guarantee that you know where to place the fan such that your movements in the game will not damage them. Next is to strip the end of the fan off the connector while leaving a bare strip on both the black and the red wires. As for the batteries, always make sure that they are in a series and for additional power to the paintball mask fan, you can add as many as four batteries. Use the electrical tape to securely attach them together and lastly put the red and black wires in place.

The last part is attaching the fan to your mask; it is wise that they are placed opposing to each other as the extra weight might be a hassle in the field, while the switch is better off hanging for easier access. You can use Velcro tape in order to securely attach them and at the same time you can easily detach them when necessary.

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