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With the economy in the shape it is in today, many people are looking for fun entertainment that doesn’t cost very much. Paintball is one of those sports that doesn’t require much of an investment and provides hours of fun. It can be done in a paintball facility or you can make your own in your backyard.

Paintball Defined

Paintball is pretty self explanatory. It involves a small ball which is filled with paint. When the ball hits a target, it bursts and leaves a mark of paint on the object. Because the paintball is shot out of a gun, usually powered by CO2, they can sting a bit when they hit you. It is recommended that protective gear be worn for all of your paintball battles.

Paintball gear can include things such as the paintball gun, which is obviously a necessity, as well as chest protection, a helmet and protective goggles. Goggles are likely a necessity as well to prevent the paint from getting into your eyes. The other gear including chest protection provides a bit of padding between the body and the paintball, reduces the instances of bruises after a paintball game. The paintball gun is usually rechargeable with CO2 and will be reloaded many times.

How To Play Paintball

Put quite simply, paintball resembles an army or war game. It is not dissimilar from video games including Call of Duty and Medal of Honor. Basically, it involves two teams which will be wearing different colors so that they are readily identified. There is no limit to the number of players, however both teams need to be equal to keep the play fair. A paintball field or course is generally filled with obstacles, such as a wooded area or something of that nature. Any area where there are obstacles which can provide a place to hide makes the game more challenging and fun. Essentially, paintball is a strategic game involving one team’s quest to shoot at and hit all the players on the other team before the other team does the same.

Because paintball is a strategy game, it does not require a sophisticated layout or gaming area. However, there are several paintball facilities to be found around the country. If you and several friends have a large enough area, you can easily create your own courses and build your own obstacles. This will help keep the costs down as well.

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